July 14, 2024 12:11 am
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Sports News

Wake Forest Officer Crowned North Carolina’s Strongest Woman

Credit: iStock

In an impressive display of strength and endurance, Officer L. Middleswarth of the Wake Forest Police Department won the 2024 NC Strongest Man & Woman Competition. The event, held on June 15 at Cabarrus Arena in Charlotte, saw Middleswarth triumph in the Open Women’s Class.

Middleswarth excelled in multiple events, including the 165 lbs. log press, which she completed five times in 60 seconds, and the 450 lbs. frame carry, which she accomplished in just 10 seconds. Her remarkable performance also included lifting 450 lbs. in the deadlift event and carrying a 250 lbs. Husafel Stone for 60 feet. Middleswarth’s achievements have not only highlighted her physical prowess but also brought pride to the Wake Forest community.