May 29, 2024 7:42 am
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The Denver Nuggets are NBA Champions

Credit: iStock

Staff Writer

The Denver Nuggets beat the Miami Heat 4-1 in the NBA finals on Monday night, bringing the NBA season to a close. It was an unexpected finals because the Heat were a play-in team, making them the first play-in team and only the second 8th seed in NBA history to make it to the NBA Finals. 

In every series, the Heat were consistently seen as the underdogs who were overperforming. But Denver managed to beat them handily with the help of a two-time MVP and a remarkably united team. After a 47-year NBA Finals drought, Denver finally triumphed thanks to the exceptional performance of their star duo, Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray.

Nikola Jokic, who earned the title of 2023 Finals MVP, showcased his brilliance by averaging 30.2 points, 14 rebounds, and 7.2 assists while shooting an impressive 58.3% from the field. Meanwhile, Jamal Murray contributed 21.4 points and 10 assists.

Shooting a dismal 18 percent from beyond the arc, with an astonishingly terrible 1 of 17 three-point shots to start the game, Denver struggled to find their rhythm. Additionally, their free throw shooting was subpar, with a meager 57 percent success rate. The team’s 15 turnovers, including four at the beginning of the game, created an atmosphere of fear, worry, and pressure. Furthermore, they came dangerously close to squandering a seven-point lead in the fourth quarter.

However, amidst all the adversity, the Nuggets displayed remarkable resilience and determination. Their performance was a testament to their grit and exemplified their status as the epitome of NBA basketball.

Head coach Michael Malone acknowledged the significance of their accomplishment, stating, “We have achieved something unprecedented for this franchise. Our locker room is filled with young, talented players who have demonstrated on the grandest stage in the world, through 16 playoff victories, what we are truly capable of.”

By achieving this feat, the Nuggets effectively silenced their critics and shattered various narratives surrounding their team. Doubts regarding Jokic’s ability to lead a championship team and concerns about Murray’s condition after his 2021 injury were proven wrong.

Biden administration touts NC investments to kick off “Infrastructure Week”

The Biden administration’s significant infrastructure investments are transforming North Carolina, highlighted by projects such as the $110 million replacement of the Alligator River Bridge and the $1 billion high-speed rail line connecting Raleigh to Richmond. However, with only 17% of the allocated $1.1 trillion spent to date, the administration faces challenges in demonstrating these impacts to voters before the upcoming November election.

Raleigh City Council approves $5 million for new pilot program to address homelessness

The Raleigh City Council has approved a $5 million pilot program to provide direct rent assistance to unsheltered individuals. The “Unsheltered Homelessness Response Program” allocates $1.9 million for direct subsidies to help individuals move into permanent housing and $2 million to expand housing options, including repairs to city-owned rental units and affordable housing.

Development pressures, higher taxes threaten to displace Black homeowners in SE Raleigh

On a sunny spring afternoon, a predominantly Black crowd gathered at Martin Street Baptist Church in Raleigh to learn about appealing their property taxes, which have soared due to rising property values. With property values in Wake County increasing by 56% from 2020 to 2024, many long-time residents on fixed incomes are struggling to keep up with the higher taxes, leading to widespread concerns about systemic inequities and displacement in historically Black neighborhoods.