May 29, 2024 7:36 am
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Clearing the Backlog of Rape Kits in North Carolina

Attorney General Josh Stein has made significant strides in eliminating North Carolina’s backlog of untested rape kits, a move that has led to 114 arrests and numerous DNA matches. This initiative, driven by bipartisan collaboration and the enactment of the Survivor Act, has strengthened the state’s justice system and underscored Stein’s commitment to supporting sexual assault survivors.

In gubernatorial race, Mark Robinson exposes Republican fault lines

In the heated gubernatorial race in North Carolina, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s victory in the Republican primary highlights a deepening rift within the GOP, pitting traditional conservatives against the surging MAGA faction led by Donald Trump. Robinson’s polarizing figure and MAGA-aligned candidacy challenge the Republican Party’s appeal in a general election and reflect broader national trends of internal party conflict and shifting political dynamics.

Lawsuit seeks justice for NC man’s death in police custody

Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, along with attorneys Dawn Blagrove and Joe Fouche, have filed a $25 million lawsuit against the City of Raleigh and others for the death of Darryl Tyree Williams, a case they argue stemmed from excessive use of force and violated constitutional rights. The lawsuit emphasizes the need for accountability and systemic change, particularly in how tasers are used, following Williams’ death after being tased multiple times, despite informing officers of his heart problems.

Thom Tillis and non-MAGA NC Republicans: reaping what they helped sow

As the political landscape in North Carolina shifts, Senator Thom Tillis finds himself navigating treacherous waters, once a leading figure in the state’s conservative movement but now increasingly out of step with the GOP electorate’s rightward evolution. Facing a choice between embracing extremism or risking being overtaken by the very forces he once championed, Tillis’s political future hangs in the balance amidst a turbulent political climate.

Could parental concerns dash hopes for medical marijuana in NC’s short session?

In a poignant testimony to the House Select Committee on Substance Abuse, Casey Temple shared how marijuana, once a coping mechanism for his depression, led him to a near-fatal decision at age 20. Temple’s story underscores the complexities surrounding marijuana use, sparking a crucial debate as North Carolina legislators consider the legalization of medical cannabis.

A push for IVF protections in North Carolina

In a heartfelt plea, Lauren Garrett, alongside two other North Carolina women, shared their profound gratitude for in vitro fertilization (IVF), emphasizing its pivotal role in their journey to motherhood, amidst concerns over its legal status following a controversial Alabama Supreme Court ruling last month. Despite looming uncertainties, Dr. Meaghan Bowling underscored the significance of frozen embryos in IVF success, as lawmakers and medical professionals advocate for protections amid political turbulence surrounding reproductive rights.