May 29, 2024 6:18 am
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Group takes steps to protect NC farm workers from heat stress

In North Carolina, farmworkers face extreme heat with minimal legal protections, prompting the Farm Labor Organizing Committee to strengthen existing rules to enhance safety measures for over 9,000 workers. The updated guidelines empower workers to take necessary breaks and stay hydrated, particularly when temperatures rise, reflecting a critical step toward self-managed health and safety amidst inadequate enforcement of labor laws.

Person County residents suing commissioners over rezoning for Dominion LNG plant

Residents of Person County are suing their county commissioners, alleging that a rezoning decision to permit a large liquified natural gas facility was made arbitrarily and could significantly harm the local environment and their quality of life. The lawsuit claims the facility, which would sit on approximately 485 acres near Timberlake, would increase pollution, destroy rural character, and pose risks to water resources and endangered species.