June 22, 2024 1:42 pm
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Out of the 100 Counties in North Carolina, Only 4 Counties are Above the National Average in Gas Prices

Credit: iStock

Mohamed Bughrara

Gas prices nationally have continued to decrease since June of this year — prices haven’t been this low since early March of 2022. 

As of the time of this writing, national gas prices average around $3.70, while North Carolina’s average is $3.39. This is very different from a month ago when it sat at $3.67 per gallon. Fortunately, the majority of gas stations in North Carolina are under the national average. 

According to AAA, out of the 100 counties in North Carolina, only 4 counties are above the national average, with Hyde County leading the pumps with $4.18. Madison County won the award for the second highest gas prices in the state with $3.85, Dare County followed close behind at $3.75; and lastly, Transylvania County with $3.71.

Pitt is the lowest gas priced county at $3.185.

Other gas prices around the state include counties such as Buncombe County with $3.65 at the pump, Durham with $3.42, and New Hanover County with $3.55 per gallon. All three counties are above the state average.

Meanwhile, there are a handful of metro areas that are under the state average, such as:

Fayetteville: $3.28

Greensboro: $3.35

Jacksonville: $3.27

Raleigh: $3.38

Winston-Salem: $3.30  

Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue and other Democrats held a press conference to urge Republicans to take the “gas tax rebate” legislation seriously. Policymakers in the state Senate proposed a $200 tax rebate to North Carolina drivers who are dealing with historically high gas prices in early June. 

Although the policy is unlikely to be extended beyond the end of the legislative session, prices have fallen by more than a dollar since June. As prices continue to trend downward, we hope to have a more affordable holiday season!