July 13, 2024 11:33 pm
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Local News

Novo Nordisk to Invest $4.1 Billion in New Clayton Factory, Adding 1,000 Jobs

Credit: iStock

Novo Nordisk A/S has announced a substantial investment of $4.1 billion to build a new factory in Clayton, North Carolina. This new facility will double the company’s production capacity in the U.S., adding 1.4 million square feet for the final manufacturing stages of its obesity and diabetes drugs, including Ozempic and Wegovy. The expansion will create 1,000 new jobs, contributing significantly to the local economy.

This investment comes amid rising criticism over the high cost of Novo’s drugs in the U.S., the largest market for weight-loss medications. Nearly three-quarters of American adults are overweight or obese, driving demand for these treatments. The new Clayton facility, slated for completion between 2027 and 2029, will be pivotal in Novo’s growth strategy. The Danish pharmaceutical giant is also addressing concerns over drug prices, with CEO Lars Fruergaard Jorgensen set to testify before a Senate committee chaired by Sen. Bernie Sanders in September.