June 22, 2024 3:09 pm
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Local News

North Carolina’s Battle Against the Opioid Crisis

Credit: iStock

Attorney General Josh Stein has been at the forefront of the fight against the opioid epidemic in North Carolina, leveraging legal, legislative, and technological tools to tackle the issue head-on. Stein’s multifaceted approach includes securing substantial settlements from pharmaceutical companies, advocating for enhanced border security measures, and supporting local law enforcement and community-based programs.

Recently, Stein played a pivotal role in securing over $1.4 billion in settlements from pharmaceutical companies responsible for exacerbating the opioid crisis. This funding is being channeled into various initiatives aimed at treatment, recovery, and preventive measures across the state. Moreover, Stein’s advocacy has contributed to legislative victories, such as the allocation of $400 million by Congress for the installation of fentanyl scanners at U.S. borders, a measure expected to significantly stem the flow of this deadly drug into the country.

Stein’s office has also established a Fentanyl Control Unit within the North Carolina Department of Justice, enhancing the state’s capacity to prosecute drug traffickers effectively. These efforts are part of a broader strategy to mitigate the devastating impact of drug abuse in North Carolina, demonstrating Stein’s commitment to not only address the symptoms but also the root causes of the opioid epidemic.