June 22, 2024 1:11 pm
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Local News

Economic Boost Expected from New Inner Banks Ferry

Credit: iStock

A new pedestrian ferry service connecting the Inner and Outer Banks of North Carolina is set to launch this summer, promising to ease travel and boost local tourism. This service, backed by State Representative Ed Goodwin, aims to make trips between Hertford and Manteo more convenient, reducing the need for long drives and alleviating traffic on the heavily ticketed Route 64.

The ferry’s introduction is expected to significantly benefit local economies by attracting tourists to small towns in the region. The cost for the one to two-hour round trip is $25 per person, with children under a year old traveling for free. Business owners in towns like Hertford anticipate a more lucrative summer season as visitors discover the charm and appeal of these communities. The increased tourism revenue is projected to reduce the financial burden on local residents by decreasing reliance on taxes and other fees.