May 29, 2024 9:48 am
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Person County residents suing commissioners over rezoning for Dominion LNG plant

Residents of Person County are suing their county commissioners, alleging that a rezoning decision to permit a large liquified natural gas facility was made arbitrarily and could significantly harm the local environment and their quality of life. The lawsuit claims the facility, which would sit on approximately 485 acres near Timberlake, would increase pollution, destroy rural character, and pose risks to water resources and endangered species.

40 unhoused people must leave a Wake County homeless encampment or face arrest

More than 40 individuals residing in a state-owned tent encampment near Raleigh have been ordered to vacate or face arrest, sparking advocacy groups to highlight this directive as an act of cruelty during a national week opposing the criminalization of homelessness. Meanwhile, local authorities and the City of Raleigh, acknowledging the sensitive nature of the eviction, are seeking alternative solutions, even as residents express their distress over the forced displacement.

New poll shows AG Josh Stein widening gap over Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson in NC’s governor’s race

With the gubernatorial election just months away, the latest Meredith College poll reveals Democrat Josh Stein widening his lead over Republican Mark Robinson in North Carolina. Stein’s increasing support among unaffiliated voters and moderates, coupled with concerns over Robinson’s past statements and actions, suggests a shifting political landscape ahead of Election Day.

North Carolina can do more to help people with opioid use disorder find treatment, a policy expert tells legislators

According to an expert from The Pew Charitable Trusts, large regions of North Carolina, including the northeastern part, lack health care providers who accept Medicaid for treatments related to opioid abuse. Andrew Whitacre’s testimony to the House Select Committee on Substance Use emphasized the need for policy adjustments to facilitate access to such treatments and align state strategies with financial support.

NC Appeals Court rules Gov. Cooper erred in COVID-19 bar closures

The North Carolina Court of Appeals deemed Governor Roy Cooper’s selective closure of bars during the early COVID-19 pandemic as “irrational and arbitrary,” lacking solid scientific backing to differentiate between types of bars in terms of transmission risk. Despite claims of relying on science, the ruling criticized the absence of evidence supporting why certain bars could not comply with safety protocols that applied to others allowed to operate.

Podcast: NCAE president Tamika Walker Kelly on what’s causing our state’s high teacher attrition rate

Recent reports reveal a significant teacher attrition rate of 11.5% in North Carolina public schools, with over 10,000 educators leaving between March 2022 and March 2023, highlighting ongoing challenges in the state’s education system. Despite these setbacks and continuous disinvestment, dedicated teachers persist in their roles, hoping for positive legislative changes as leaders like Tamika Walker Kelly, President of the North Carolina Association of Educators, advocate for improvement.

March jobs report shows strong labor market with job gains in health care and government

In a robust continuation of economic growth, the U.S. economy added 303,000 jobs in March, sustaining an unemployment rate below 4% for 26 consecutive months, signaling enduring strength in the labor market. Analysts highlight the significant job gains in healthcare and government sectors and celebrate the return of the hospitality and leisure sector to pre-pandemic employment levels, marking a milestone in the ongoing recovery.

Solar leases help NC farm owners up revenues, keep homestead

In the serene fields of Pendleton, North Carolina, Ajulo Othow, founder of EnerWealth Solutions, draws inspiration from her post-Katrina economic development work to establish solar installations that not only respect the landscape but offer sustainable income to local landowners. Her projects prioritize minimal disruption while maximizing benefits, reflecting a thoughtful approach to renewable energy in rural settings, and enhancing both economic and environmental resilience.