June 22, 2024 2:57 pm
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North Carolina’s rapidly snowballing gambling mess

Rob Schofield’s article for NC Newsline highlights the bustling activity in a physical therapy facility while reflecting on the growing issue of sports gambling in North Carolina, underscored by the state’s recent legalization and the troubling personal and societal impacts illustrated in a new documentary by Josh Rushing.

Hating on our babies: North Carolina’s shortsighted, cheapskate childcare policies

In his article for NC Newsline, Rob Schofield discusses the critical state of childcare in North Carolina, highlighting the pandemic-induced financial aids that temporarily stabilized an already fragile system. With the impending cessation of these funds, Schofield underscores a looming “childcare cliff,” predicting significant closures and increased costs that threaten the stability of childcare availability across the state.

In gubernatorial race, Mark Robinson exposes Republican fault lines

In the heated gubernatorial race in North Carolina, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s victory in the Republican primary highlights a deepening rift within the GOP, pitting traditional conservatives against the surging MAGA faction led by Donald Trump. Robinson’s polarizing figure and MAGA-aligned candidacy challenge the Republican Party’s appeal in a general election and reflect broader national trends of internal party conflict and shifting political dynamics.

Incessant gambling ads: a vexing sign of moral decline in North Carolina

In the realm of American politics and morality, there’s a marked focus on issues like sexuality and gender, often overshadowing concerns like economic predation by corporate giants. Despite the historical and ongoing emphasis on traditional moral values by groups like the Moral Majority, issues like corporate gambling and the exploitation of the vulnerable seldom receive the same level of outcry or legislative action.

Thom Tillis and non-MAGA NC Republicans: reaping what they helped sow

As the political landscape in North Carolina shifts, Senator Thom Tillis finds himself navigating treacherous waters, once a leading figure in the state’s conservative movement but now increasingly out of step with the GOP electorate’s rightward evolution. Facing a choice between embracing extremism or risking being overtaken by the very forces he once championed, Tillis’s political future hangs in the balance amidst a turbulent political climate.