May 29, 2024 6:58 am
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North Carolina to receive $76m to replace drinking water lines that contain lead

North Carolina will benefit from an additional $76 million in federal funding to replace lead-contaminated drinking water lines, announced by the Biden administration. This grant is part of a larger $9 billion initiative aimed at removing hazardous lead pipes nationwide, particularly focusing on aiding disadvantaged and pollution-burdened communities.

Biden administration to greatly ease marijuana regulations

The Biden administration, through the Department of Justice, announced plans to downgrade marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule III drug, signaling a shift towards less restrictive federal drug policies. This change, proposed by the DEA, aims to better align with the scientific understanding and prevailing public opinion on marijuana’s use and effects.

NC Senate Republicans advance bill forcing law enforcement cooperation with ICE

Republicans on the North Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee have advanced a bill mandating that sheriffs cooperate with ICE by honoring detainer requests to hold suspects believed to be in the country illegally. Critics, including immigrant rights advocate Veronica Aguilar, argue that the bill will undermine community trust in law enforcement and expose local authorities to potential lawsuits.

March jobs report shows strong labor market with job gains in health care and government

In a robust continuation of economic growth, the U.S. economy added 303,000 jobs in March, sustaining an unemployment rate below 4% for 26 consecutive months, signaling enduring strength in the labor market. Analysts highlight the significant job gains in healthcare and government sectors and celebrate the return of the hospitality and leisure sector to pre-pandemic employment levels, marking a milestone in the ongoing recovery.

NC presidential pardon highlights marijuana reform

A man from North Carolina serving a long sentence for selling drugs has received a presidential pardon, which sparked discussions about long sentences for marijuana-related offenses. As President Joe Biden grants forgiveness to James Michael Barber, advocates for changing the current drug laws emphasize the need for broader reforms for marijuana-related charges.

Paul Armentano, deputy director of the advocacy group known as NORML, said the significance of presidential pardons is important.

Harris, in Durham ahead of Super Tuesday, touts administration’s investments in small and minority-owned businesses

If, as has long been the common wisdom in American politics, the chief day-to-day duty of the Vice President for their administration is to serve as an energetic champion, defender, and all-purpose political point person, Vice President Kamala Harris did her best to fulfill those roles on Friday during a brief visit to Durham.