June 22, 2024 2:06 pm
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Bertie Peanuts Brings Local Flavor to Got to Be NC Festival

Credit: iStock

The annual Got to Be NC Festival kicks off this Friday in Raleigh, celebrating North Carolina’s homegrown products. Among the local vendors is Bertie County Peanuts, a beloved brand that has grown from its humble roots in Windsor to a national favorite. Established in 1919, Bertie County Peanuts has been a staple in the community, renowned for its delicious varieties such as sea salt, black pepper, honey roasted, and chocolate-covered peanuts.

This weekend, visitors can meet the folks behind Bertie County Peanuts and sample their famous products. The company’s dedication to quality and community pride is evident in every bite, as they continue to promote the rich agricultural heritage of Bertie County. Don’t miss the chance to support local businesses and enjoy the best peanuts North Carolina has to offer at the Got to Be NC Festival.