May 28, 2024 7:13 pm
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Person County residents suing commissioners over rezoning for Dominion LNG plant

Residents of Person County are suing their county commissioners, alleging that a rezoning decision to permit a large liquified natural gas facility was made arbitrarily and could significantly harm the local environment and their quality of life. The lawsuit claims the facility, which would sit on approximately 485 acres near Timberlake, would increase pollution, destroy rural character, and pose risks to water resources and endangered species.

NC Senate approves bill making it a crime to wear a mask in public

The North Carolina Senate has passed an amended version of House Bill 237, which prohibits mask-wearing in public and increases penalties for crimes committed while wearing a mask. The bill, which has faced significant opposition from advocates and organizations concerned about its impact on health exemptions and protest rights, now returns to the House for concurrence.

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North Carolina

Biden administration to greatly ease marijuana regulations

The Biden administration, through the Department of Justice, announced plans to downgrade marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule III drug, signaling a shift towards less restrictive federal drug policies. This change, proposed by the DEA, aims to better align with the scientific understanding and prevailing public opinion on marijuana’s use and effects.

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Report finds long-term Investment in rural areas improves resources

A new report highlights the impact of investing $100 million in rural North Carolina through the Healthy Places initiative, improving access to health, food, and recreation resources over a decade. Adam Linker of the Reynolds trust emphasizes the importance of community-driven efforts, noting significant improvements and active engagement with local leaders to enhance services like snow removal in underserved areas.

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Local News

Clearing the Backlog of Rape Kits in North Carolina

Attorney General Josh Stein has made significant strides in eliminating North Carolina’s backlog of untested rape kits, a move that has led to 114 arrests and numerous DNA matches. This initiative, driven by bipartisan collaboration and the enactment of the Survivor Act, has strengthened the state’s justice system and underscored Stein’s commitment to supporting sexual assault survivors.

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